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I’ve loved movies since I was a kid. Watching films like THE TERMINATOR, PREDATOR, BACK TO THE FUTURE and INDIAN JONES with my older brothers shaped my love of cinema. 

I’ve done a lot of stuff in film/tv/video (here is my mediocre IMDB). Some of it working with others, some of it just grunt PA work (on some very cool projects) and some of it on my own. Even after graduating from USC School of Cinema-Television and working in LA through most of my 20’s, I’ve still done plenty of video stuff in my career as a digital marketer. Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on.


Co-story, Co-Producer. Feature film for Netflix/Fox Digital Studios. This was a project over 10 years in the making. It started with a big-budget si-fi script I co-wrote with my older brother about a renegade outsider who called himself “The Bug.” It evolved into this small-budget, indie flick about a D.J.

Bix the Bug
Chad as the Bug

This is me dressed up as “The Bug” in a makeshift costume for some concept art.

ETXR Cast & Crew


Saul Bellow won the Pulitzer Prize, the Nobel Prize for Literature, and the National Medal of Arts. So when I was 24, I thought “why not try and adapt one of his greatest novels about an American millionaire who travels to Africa to find his soul?”

When I first read Bellow’s “Henderson the Rain King” I was a freshman at the University of San Diego. I loved it immediately and it stayed in my head for years. When I was the office receptionist for Doug Liman’s production company, I decided to try and adapt it. I contacted producer Andrew Braunsberg (BEING THERE) who lived in Vienna at the time and convinced him I had the adaptation he needed. I would eventually find out that he had been trying to make the movie since the early 80’s with Jack Nicholson attached to star. 

He eventually optioned my adaptation and I got to drive to Jack’s house in my 1989 gold Ford Tempo to drop off the script. I got a lawyer, had some meetings around town, the script floated out and about… and a couple months later I read that Jack has signed on with Rob Reiner to do THE BUCKET LIST.

One day, I’ll tell the rest of the story.

HTRK opening

“I Invented It!” – Smokeball

This was the first time I was on the “client side” of a production, which caused me as much pain as I’ve felt on the other side. I was Director of Digital Marketing for Smokeball when they hired an Australian production company to produce a long-form and short form commercial with Calista Flockhart (the actress that played a lawyer on TV).

I helped produce, made script contributions, pulled my hair out on the day of shooting and helped Calista pronounce “legal practice management software.”

Copywriter Kim Reddin submitted 3 scripts. We all loved the “I Invented It!” the most. And the spot is still hilarious.


“Terry Tate: Office Linebacker” – Reebok

I was in sixth grade the first time I walked onto a movie set and looked into a 35mm Panavision camera. 14 years later, Reebok’s “Terry Tate: Office Linkebacker” was the biggest shoot I had worked on. It was a 2 week shoot, I got PAID as a Production Assistant and got to see a ton of cool shit.

I picked up Terry Tate from his apartment, drove him to set, got him a dozen eggs for breakfast and a whole roasted chicken for lunch. I also froze up one of the producer’s SUV when he didn’t tell me it was low on oil. I was on my way back from Kinoflo in Burbank and the engine just locked up.

A Bunch of Other Stuff I’ve Worked On

Production Assistant

I PA’d in Production and Post Production on a number of projects, including INSiDE, the pilot episode of “Army Wives,” and the first season of “Dirt” on FX.

Army Wives
Dirt on FX

Sotheby’s International Realty Area Video

I produced this local area video for SIR Santa Barbara.

The Kinda Sutra

Oscar-winner Jessica Yu directed this short film I worked on. And then I got to go to Sundance.

Zaca Lake – Patty Murphy Country Estates

I bought a drone. So I had to make a drone video. I shot, edited and produced this for Patty Murphy Country Estates.

“Why Smokeball” – Smokeball

I produced and edited this sizzle cut for “Why Smokeball?”

Griffin Hamersky – MyCase

I shot, edited and produced this client testimonial. Dan Figur shot the b-roll.

“Say Hello to MyCase (The Outtakes)” – MyCase

I shot, produced and edited a series of videos the SDRs to send to prospects. The videos didn’t really make an impact on conversions but the bloopers were pretty funny.

“Call Me Maybe” – Commission Junction

This was a fun project to edit as I got to comb through hours of footage from the entire company and cut it together for CJU.

MyCase Payments – MyCase

I shot, edited and produced this product video for MyCase. It’s hard being a one-man crew but sometimes you gotta work with what you got.